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Jesus followers joyfully anticipate an eternity that far surpasses our current state. Finishing this life well, however, requires persistence and team work. Please allow us to cheer you on. That is the goal of our coming blog, THE FINISH LINE—to encourage and to inform. Fresh insight or a new ministry resource may be just what you need. Hopefully, our weekly post will help keep you on task all the way to THE FINISH LINE. Please join us in claiming our HERITAGE OF HOPE, by signing up below.

As a welcome gift to the HERITAGE OF HOPE community, all new subscribers to THE FINISH LINE will recieve two free digital forms. The function of each form is different, but much of their content comes from the same sources. We suggest that you fill them out together.

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LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS: This form is a starting place for organizing your access information all-in- one-place for the executor of your estate. This form may be altered to fit your own circumstances.

ESTATE INVENTORY FORM BY CEPNW: Filling out this form results in a statement of your net worth. Knowing the value of your estate begins the process of making financial and legal decisions about insurance, providing for your family, dividing your estate, and charitable giving.