We are excited and thankful to announce Heritage Of Hope now has an OFFICE within the US Digital Outreach Center in Vancouver, WA! Office hours will be 9 to 5, Monday – Thursday. Even though we cannot yet celebrate together, the Heritage of Hope team invites you to rejoice with us as we look back at all God has done.

May of 2020 ushered in our 8th BIRTHDAY as a ministry and our 5th ANNIVERSARY as a nonprofit!  Heritage of Hope was launched in 2012 with a CONFERENCE offering 7 workshops and numerous community resources in Boring, OR.  Keynote speakers and workshop leaders touched a real need, so additional events were requested, scheduled and materials developed. In 2015, we became a 501c3 NONPROFIT, so all contributions to Heritage of Hope are tax deductible. We so appreciate you who support us. You are our champions. It is because of you that we are able to offer our materials so inexpensively. As a result, serious problems have been avoided by our alumni and their families blessed.

Desiring that the Heritage of Hope materials and helps be readily available, we launched our own WEBSITE in 2016! https://finishlifewell.org offers free tools to facilitate a church event, a small group, or personal planning wherever you or your loved ones may be located. In 2017, when AMAZON began distributing our Heritage of Hope Workbook and HOH Video Series, a major goal was reached. Our materials became available anywhere in the nation, any time.

In spite of positive feedback and testimonials, the Heritage of Hope team recognizes that our curriculum is a challenge. Even among members of the faith community, anticipating and planning for one’s own death and decline can be daunting. Accordingly, we released our bi-weekly blog, THE FINISH LINE, in 2018. Its goal is to encourage, inform, and offer resources so that our alumni complete the HOH Checklist (pages 20-21 in the HOH Workbook), and finish life well. If you have friends or family who could use some encouragement in adopting a biblical view of aging and/or preparing for the 4th quarter of life, please invite them to sign up for THE FINISH LINE and join our community http://finishlifewell.org/subscribe-to-our-blog. This blog, the one you are reading, is the 55th blog released!

Recognizing our six part curriculum is best absorbed and completed in small group settings, we developed a Heritage of Hope FACILITATOR WORKSHOP in 2019 to equip small group leaders. A second Facilitator Workshop is scheduled this coming fall, October 10th, in Vancouver, WA. If COVID health restrictions continue, we will offer it virtually. Look for your invitation on this blog!

How thankful we are for the capable and enthusiastic VOLUNTEERS who share their expertise and stories with us. Since we are a preventative ministry, it can be challenging to know our impact. If you have a story about Heritage of Hope blessing you or a family member, we would love to hear it. Your story would be like a birthday present!

Although we are growing, our VISION AND MISSION remain the same—passing the baton of faith in Jesus Christ, our HERITAGE OF HOPE, to the next generation—by inspiring and equipping adults of all ages to identify crucial decisions and complete the essential tasks to—FINISH  LIFE WELL.