This year two dear friends of mine crossed the Finish Line of this life. Kami was a champion of Heritage of Hope from its beginning—giving generous verbal and financial support. As I left her lovely memorial service, her three adult daughters commended Heritage of Hope with amazement. Our folks took care of everything! The letter she wrote to Dad . . . What a comfort. Melody, thank you. Their grief was still enormous, but they felt loved. I was so pleased for them and for Heritage of Hope. It is accomplishing its mission.

My other friend also loved and served the Lord, but it was entirely up to his children to wrap up his affairs and put together his celebration of life. They scrambled, and they honored him well. Had he also attended a Heritage of Hope Video Series and completed the HOH Workbook, much stress could have been avoided for his kids. It is not vain, but very loving to make these preparations.  So, I ask you to please do 3 things–like my friend Kami.

First, please update or FINISH your own Heritage of Hope Checklist, pages 22 & 23 in the HOH Workbook, by the time you turn in your 2018 tax return. May your family also be able to say, Our folks took care of everything!

Second, please TELL your friends and church family about Heritage of Hope. Since our non-profit ministry deals with mortality, many avoid participating and miss these benefits. Please help us break this barrier of silence, so more families may be blessed.  We offer a free sample of our upbeat approach. The entire 56 minute Hope video may be viewed at Our materials can be purchased on the same page via links to Amazon and Vimeo and/or there are free group resources to download if you would like to start a group. The very best way to be sure you complete your own Heritage of Hope Checklist is to lead a small group through this process! If you are so inclined, check out the downloadable Facilitator Guide.

Third, please SUPPORT Heritage of Hope financially. Your donation will enable our volunteer board to grow Heritage of Hope to reach more of God’s people. HERITAGE OF HOPE was recently recognized for our transparency with a 2018 Bronze Seal on our Guide Star Nonprofit Profile!  Guide Star is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. More than 8 million visitors per year and a network of 200+ partners use Guide Star data to grow support for nonprofits. See our Guide Star Nonprofit Profile:

Heritage of Hope is designed to give each of us a final opportunity to share our faith and our wishes, so our children may honor us as God calls them to do, and we may bless our loved ones as did my long time friend and prayer partner, Kami Hines.