The Oral History Workshop by Cynthia Hart. Capture a living legacy by sitting down with a loved one and asking them to share their stories. This step-by-step guide breaks the project down into manageable tasks. Learn how to prepare and conduct an interview, and what you can do to keep the conversation on track. Included are lots of thought-provoking questions to get your interviewees reminiscing.

Remember the Time . . . ? The Power & Promise of Family Storytelling by Eileen Silva Kindig. Occasionally, family members linger after a meal and begin recounting stories of errant pets, past vacation comedies, deaths of grandparents and happy celebrations. These stories can bind us together, pass on our values and give us a sense of identity as a family. Kindig shows us how to encourage the art of storytelling.

Infinite Impact:  Making the Most of Your Place on God’s Timeline by Stu Weber is a moving, poignant, and powerful call to process the meaningful events in your life. Stu challenges his readers to see their lives as a story being written. Claim and pass on the heritage you have been given by identifying the events, places, and traditions that define your identity and memorializing them.

A Father’s Legacy: Your Life Story in Your Own Words by Thomas Nelson Inc., the staff of J. Countryman.  Give Dad a gift that will capture a lifetime of living—and become a treasured memoir! This year-long journey poses 12 intriguing questions per month, with space to record a personal answer. Topics explore family history, childhood memories, cherished traditions, spiritual adventures, and more. And the lay-flat spiral binding makes writing easier. Twelve questions X twelve months = done!

A review: I gave this book to my father for Christmas 2010 with instructions that he was to spend the year writing in it. He completed most of the journal and gave it back to me, Christmas 2011. Daddy passed away May 2012. I am so grateful I have his personal, hand-written thoughts and memories to cherish and share.

Front porch History:  Researching & Telling Your Family’s Stories by Tammy Marshall Cardwell.  “Genealogy is the tree the tales hang upon.”  A guide to genealogical research and preservation, Front Porch History encourages families to record what they know, and the information they’re able to learn. Sharing important lessons and practical tips she learned researching her own family heritage, the author will walk you through each step from collecting and sharing stories to publishing a “family book.”


How to Write Your Personal or Family History:  If you don’t do it, who will?  Katie Funk Wiebe teaches readers how to undertake their own personal or family history writing. Practical and encouraging, she gives hints for recalling memories and tracking down family heirlooms. There are tips on writing, exercises to prod the memory, and advice on looking at the broad scope of a well-lived life.

You Can Write Your Family History by Sharon De Bartolo Carmack. 34 Reviews put this book in a category of its own. ISBN-13: 978-0806317830, ISBN-10: 0806317833.There’s no reason a fully documented family history can’t read like a page-turning novel. This concise book shows exactly how to record the fascinating tales of their ancestors. Based on her own extensive experience writing family histories, the author shares her best methods for: – Conducting historical and thematic research – Organizing materials – Outlining and plotting a story – Illustrating with pictures and charts. It’s the next best thing to having a personal instructor by your side.


Creative Memories is a commercial website designed to facilitate the art of scrap-booking whether tangible or digital.

Our Family Archive:  Super-Simple Tools to Create a Digital Family Scrapbook by David Clark, Adam Juniper. Designed for a novice, this fully illustrated instruction book will guide you through the process of creating your very own digital family scrapbook—complete with a CD containing ready-to-use templates. This graphically rich guide will show you how to convert your cache of old family photographs, mementos, and documents to modern digital formats so you can archive them to reliable storage media.

Heritage Makers is a commercial digital scrap-booking website with an emphasis on using photos to preserve family stories.


As a business, Clear Memories can artistically document your life for future generations. Lisa Clear will help you preserve your family stories on video (503.663.1113).

Family Legacy Video provides commercial services and do-it-yourself help to encourage you to record your family’s stories on video.


Cyndi’s List is considered to be the best genealogy research website by far.

Family Tree Maker is the genealogical software recommended by Bill Leslie. It coordinates with Ancestry.com.

Ancestry.com bypasses hours of searching through microfilm and hard copy records with online genealogical research. There is a membership fee, but a free introductory period is offered.


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