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    Only you can be sure that your loved ones will receive a Heritage of Hope. The HOH Workbook and Video Series brings wise counsel right into your living room. THE QUESTION IS—have you finished implementing your exit strategies? THE PROBLEM IS—completing the Heritage of Hope checklist is a bit of a challenge. THE SOLUTION IS—processing HOH materials within a supportive small group. An intimate group of like-minded people generates ideas, energy and accountability. Final arrangements are actually made; legal documents get signed and notarized; memorial services are planned, and testimonies written. The Facilitator Worship Videos below will prepare you to lead a Heritage of Hope small group into finishing this life well.

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    Free Group Resources


    The Heritage of Hope Facilitator Guide enables you to host a HOH Video Series in your own organization, church or living room with minimal effort. An Announcement Slide with the HOH logo gives you the means to publicize the dates, time, and location of your Video Series. If shown when you begin registration, the 1 Minute Video Clip, is an ideal segue into an introduction of Heritage of Hope. Finally, the HOH Tri-Fold Brochure works well as a hand out, a mailer, or a bulletin insert and gives recipients an overview of the tasks and decisions they will be considering. You may customize its front page with the dates, time, and place of your HOH Video Series. If printed on Goldenrod paper, the brochure looks especially nice.

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    Free Sample Video


    To sample the six-part Heritage of Hope Video series, view online or download the HOPE session at no charge. Learn how to impact those you love—forever.

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    Three Generations Promotional Video


    To learn more about Heritage of Hope, view the Three Generations Promotional Video at no charge.

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    All-In-One-Place Promotional Video


    To learn more about Heritage of Hope, view the All-In-One-Place Promotional Video at no charge.

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    Heritage of Hope Workbook


    The popular Heritage of Hope Workbook: How to Finish Life Well stands alone, but it was designed to complement the Heritage of Hope Video Series. Given the content rich videos, the VIEWER GUIDES in this workbook ease the task of note-taking with a fill-in-the-blank format. The all important Heritage of Hope CHECKLIST guides participants through the entire HOH process – identifying decisions to ponder and tasks to complete in each of the six sections. The Heritage of Hope Workbook also offers relevant scriptures to study, helpful forms, and informative articles that will render assistance in making informed, loving decisions. Whether one is visiting their attorney, making their final arrangements, or hosting a family meeting, they will find themselves focused and decisive after having completed the Heritage of Hope Workbook.

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    Heritage of Hope Video Series - Digital Version


    The Heritage of Hope Video Series is unique in offering multiple professional viewpoints in its biblical approach to aging and the end of life. Medical guidelines, estate planning practices, legal cautions, and pastoral insights are all considered. Compiled from video of live events, this seasoned expertise is artfully interspersed with touching personal stories. Rounding out this informative series are thoughtful recommendations on how to best communicate final wishes generationally and multiple tips on how to preserve family history. It is incredibly motivating to consider the impact one may have by preparing thoughtfully for his or her 4th quarter of life as well as for death. Upbeat and inspiring, this six-part video series plus two bonus tracks is appropriate for individual viewing, families or larger groups.

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    The Heritage of Hope DVD set is another means of obtaining the six HOH Video Sessions described in the digital version above plus two bonus tracks. One track is helpful information on how to obtain Veterans' Benefits. The other bonus shares ways to preserve your Family History in addition to that given in the sixth video.


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