We all want to . . . but the American culture doesn’t prepare for the end of life. More than 75% die without a will or a medical power of attorney. Worse, death and dying are rarely discussed between generations. Families end up making decisions in the midst of crisis. Grief is debilitating, and so confusion and conflict are common. The faith community also fails to pre-plan. Consequently, our families and our churches are only minimally blessed.

HERITAGE OF HOPE inspires and equips adults of all ages
To identify crucial decisions and complete the essential tasks

Based on our eternal HOPE in the HERITAGE left to us by Jesus Christ, we envision crossing the finish line of life with honor for the King, joy in our hearts and a rich legacy for our families. Within this context of faith, men and women are able to move into practical realities, make crucial decisions, and complete essential tasks to prepare for the end of life. The HOH Video Series, the Workbook and the Research Links are all organized into the same six priorities.

Embracing faith in Jesus and ordering your affairs accordingly. Extending God’s gifts with legal tools and financial strategies. Sharing what God has done for you. Adopting a biblical view of aging and optimizing your health. Engaging, instructing, and building a support team. Building a culture of honor and remembrance.

In our six-part Video Series, you will hear multiple professionals offer their seasoned expertise as you consider pre-planning decisions. Numerous personal illustrations appeal across generations.

Our popular Workbooks contain viewer guides to the videos, helpful forms, relevant scriptures to study, and the all important HOH CHECKLIST to guide participants through the Heritage of Hope process.

If you click on on our Research Links tab, online researchers may connect to a plethora of resources also organized per the six-part Heritage of Hope priorities.

THE PRIZE(s) Completing the HOH process generates meaningful benefits in this life as well as the next.

  • Having your affairs in order—releases you to boldly run your race of faith, stewardship, and relationship.
  • One-on-one estate planning—opens opportunities for charitable giving.
  • Empowering your representatives with legal documents and a stated plan—unifies your family’s expectations.
  • Recognizing God has numbered your days—makes each one valuable.
  • The vulnerable context of family meetings—creates an ideal platform for sharing your faith and blessing your children.
  • Discovering your heritage and passing it on—connects generations intimately.


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