Allan Wilson and grandson Caleb Wilson


Allan Wilson is made of strong stuff. As a youth leader, he instigated new practices that helped integrate a southern church. As a pastor, he oversaw the melding of a traditional church body with newly arrived Jesus People.  In more recent years, Allan joined a writers’ critique group in which he is the only male participant. In such a group, one shares their writing efforts and receives feedback from all participants. The process is quite helpful, but few visitors ever return. Allan did, and we women are so very glad.  Perhaps because my friend Allan has deep faith in “Papa God,” he stays the course whatever the challenge.

The day Allan read us OUR GOD REIGNS, I asked if I could share it on this blog. He gave me his permission, and it went forth last week.  Several readers have commented on what an encouraging piece it is. One lady wrote to say she was moved to tears. This is a difficult time, and OUR GOD REIGNS is an upbeat re-direct to the sovereignty of God. Thank you Allan Wilson for sharing your poem with Heritage of Hope. Please forgive me for omitting your name as the author. Fondly, Melody


Fall, 2020 in Battle Ground, WA


What a wonderful autumn we have had.

The trees especially have lifted up their colorful branches

And continually cried out, OUR GOD REIGNS!

You haven’t heard their magnificent shout out?

Let those who have ears hear, those who have eyes see.


I must have been a weird little kid,

And now I’m probably a weird old man.

But as I grew up I knew within my soul,

As I heard any animal belt out their voice

Each was declaring, OUR GOD REIGNS!


The meadowland cows across from the Village years ago

Would look up from their grazing, blink, and say Moooo–OUR GOD REIGNS!

Your grandma’s favorites were the little lambs and goats born in the spring,

As they celebrated their birth with a quirky little dance

To proclaim to one and all, OUR GOD REIGNS!


All the animals of the earth, the trees of the forest,

All creation takes a deep breath and bellows out in their own voice, OUR GOD REIGNS!

What voice has God given you to make such a proclamation?

Some He’s given a set of colors and a paint brush.

I used to think I had to stand and shout it out, then someone gave me a laptop.


Louis Armstrong was given a trumpet, an infectious smile and a raspy voice.

But as I watched him I swear I could hear, OUR GOD REIGNS!

Father God has given each of us our own voice to proclaim His greatness.

Some He gives a servant’s heart, others a listening ear, someone else, patience.

When an individual knows their message, they just can’t keep quiet.